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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
That's a lie, otherwise known as a strawman, that you manufactured to argue against, since you can't argue against my actual premises. I never argued anything of the kind.

And, BTW, if someone is smoking near me, I'm not the one who is going to walk away. He is.
< If you were there first, I can't imagine any decent person not willing to be the one to move away from you. If I were a smoker and was there first, I'd love to see you try to force me to move.

"And he will almost certainly die prematurely from either accelerated cardiovascular disease, cancer or emphysema. This, in addition to the adverse health affects on those he lives and works with."

Right there, you imply that those he lives and works with will develop health issues as a result of being around him. A false statement since you cannot predict whether or not he smokes around these people.

"But, we are not all going to die "prematurely," and cause those around us to die prematurely..."

There's another one.
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