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Default Does stringing a softer poly tighter equal a stiffer string?

Does stringing a softer poly tighter (like Big Hitter Blue Rough) give more or less similar performance to a stiffer string like Luxilon Adrenaline at a lower tension?

I hit with Luxilon Adrenaline yesterday and just loved the stiffer feel. Felt a lot of control and was really getting a lot of spin, and also great power as the Adrenaline's stiffness gave me confidence and I was really swinging out. I strung the Adrenaline at 52 and I normally string Blue Rough at 54. Have I been stringing the Blue Rough too loose? I am theorizing the stiffer Adrenaline matches up well with my super open pattern 16 main Extreme Pro IG. Recommended string tension on the racquet is 57 plus or minus 5 pounds.
Head Extreme Pro IG // Luxilon 4G 1.25mm // 52#
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