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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Fair enough. I agree it sounds like their new mapping app will take some time to iron out the bugs. The lack of Flash support bugs me too especially on the Mac. Give me the user the option of running Flash and running my battery down if I so desire. Heck, even warn me before I run Flash.

As for cost, it is supply and demand of course but it seems like most of my friends that have been long time Mac users have their computers for a decade or more. If it costs double but lasts twice as long, then the price/year is the same.
Agree with everything you've said here...

I'm sure if Android makers could demand the premium that Apple does, they would.

No doubt...

Again, I don't want to seem like I'm hating on Apple. They're in a very enviable position right now the way Microsoft was before it and IBM before Microsoft. Thats just the way the business cycle runs. But apart of that cycle is people starting to turn against or at least highlight the short comings of the current champ; even former devotees such as myself...

And regarding the Mac computer; its been true in my case. I had a Mac mini since they first came out with Intel chips (06 or 05 i think). My original is still going strong and is more than useable today. I updated to the newest version about 2 weeks ago; because I found a very good deal on one (on Amazon, of course Apple refuses to discount their products much directly) and wanted a dedicated graphics card and the improved chip set. Everything is working very well, as i expect. Since my first mac mini at least 3 pcs have cycled through my home or others that I got a computer for them. Macs do last longer (in my case). I thinks its more of a software thing than a hardware thing...
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