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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
You have comprehension problem. I have never owned an Iphone. All I have owned is Droid. I will not get my Iphone until October 5th. How can I be a fanboy? If anything, I am extremely well versed in Droid and sharing my experience. You keep telling me about Droid like I don't understand. I do understand. That is why I am getting an iphone now.

HTML5 has made life without flash rather insignificant for me.

For review you called us Fanboys, sheep and slaves now.
I never called you that! I said I refuse to be any of those...

and please don't try to act as if HTML 5 is widely adopted now, it will be mostly due to Apple's clout (some would say bullying), but not yet. So how long did you just put up with your Ipad not supporting flash, yet didn't seem to have a problem with it? Some would call that fanboyism: over looking obvious flaws or deficiencies because of unconditional love...

Also, you seem to be well versed in a very outdated phone (the original Evo), and you were comparing it directly to the Ipad2 and what you expect your new Iphone will be. I'm sure your new phone will be much better than your current very old (by cell phone standards) phone, but thatís to be expected. As, I've shown the new Iphone 5 is just now caught up to upper end Android phones that have been out for nearly a year or longer...
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