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I think far more people would own apple products if they were cheaper. But then they wouldnt be as good.

PCs are cheaper. You need to know your stuff to have one running in prime shape. I built my last quadcore PC. It was not too hard for me, but the average joe would not want to do this. It saved me $800.

I definitely think Mac software is better. It optimizes hardware better and is more secure due to being a self contained ecosystem.

I feel the same way about iphones. the top 3 phones are the HTC Evo, Samsung SIII and Iphone 5. they all have similar guts..16 gigs of space, 1 gig of RAM..etc. But the iphone OS is the most mature and smoothest still. the question is if you want to pay for that..I didnt at first, but now I definitely do.

DRII - I have owned the brand new LTE EVO for 3 months now. Prior to that I owned the orginal EVO.

Once again, I am switching from a brand new EVO LTE which was released in June to the Iphone 5. And I cant freaking wait.

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