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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
You are so wrong. Never said that. Never suggested that. Never hinted that.

Its contrary to personal history I have posted here about tennis, baseball and other sports

That would be kind of a goofy thing for anyone to think or say, so I am concluding I am being baited or trolled.

Will resist further response and hope the thread can get back to the substance that others are posting..........rather than personal, strange attempts at mind-reading.
Never even hinted at it ? Hmm, maybe these posts misled me :

Now, maybe I am reading these out of context, but my post was really just my honest summation of what I thought your position was, not a "personal, strange attempts at mind-reading".

I really don't appreciate that you keep attacking me personally, and then try to switch things and around and complain that I am the one launching personal attacks on you. Please review the thread history: your first post in the thread was a sarcastic, personal attack on me, by you, not the other way around. And I have tried to be nothing but civil to you.
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