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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
The first bolded word is part of the definition of "strawman", since you brought up that subject...

Your second bolded word is in fact inaccurate, but even if it were true, since even you agree that statistically plenty of folks die "prematurely", smoker or not, so it would fall into the category of: "true but of little importance".

Listen, everyone born after 1930 gets it: smoking has risks. What has been proven again and again is that citizens who don't spend effort in the area of risk assessment, do a very poor job of comparing risks between subjects.

Saying: "smoking is risky" is an empty statement. Saying: "smoking a cigarette is more dangerous than living in NYC for 2 days (in 1979) or living in Denver for 2 months", is making a statement that has some context. BTW it is also untrue, of the three, smoking the cig would be the least dangerous...
OK, you have no idea what you're talking about. You don't know what a strawman is. But that's fine, I didn't bring it up for you. It was for any intellectually honest readers who might come across this thread. Worse, your a habitual liar. You just make s**t up as you go along.
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