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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Never even hinted at it ? Hmm, maybe these posts misled me :

Now, maybe I am reading these out of context, but my post was really just my honest summation of what I thought your position was, not a "personal, strange attempts at mind-reading".

I really don't appreciate that you keep attacking me personally, and then try to switch things and around and complain that I am the one launching personal attacks on you. Please review the thread history: your first post in the thread was a sarcastic, personal attack on me, by you, not the other way around. And I have tried to be nothing but civil to you.
Here is what you said:

Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
I really get that you are generally opposed to kids traveling for sports, unless they are very, very, exceptional.
These are the texts of my posts that you cited to support your conclusion:

I don't think anyone should have a national pathway unless they are exceptionally good. I realize this puts me in the minority here


I am glad the current tennis regime is not organized this way, and I hope USTA or TRN-National Showcase, or whatever, does not copy it. I know that 2 or 3 years you go to Nationals is not the case for wrestling, baseball, football, track, swimming, basketball, soccer and many others. USTA, please do not follow the gymnastics or cheerleading example that has been posted here

There is no way any reasonable person (sorry if you consider that a personal attack) could read what I wrote into the claim that I am "generally opposed to kids traveling for sports, unless they are very, very exceptional"

Let others be the judge. I think it would be goofy for anyone to think or say what you incorrectly said I said. You don't want to be called out for tripe like that? Then just stop it.

Anyway, I fell for the bait.
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