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Originally Posted by blastforehand View Post
Does stringing a softer poly tighter (like Big Hitter Blue Rough) give more or less similar performance to a stiffer string like Luxilon Adrenaline at a lower tension?

I hit with Luxilon Adrenaline yesterday and just loved the stiffer feel. Felt a lot of control and was really getting a lot of spin, and also great power as the Adrenaline's stiffness gave me confidence and I was really swinging out. I strung the Adrenaline at 52 and I normally string Blue Rough at 54. Have I been stringing the Blue Rough too loose? I am theorizing the stiffer Adrenaline matches up well with my super open pattern 16 main Extreme Pro IG. Recommended string tension on the racquet is 57 plus or minus 5 pounds.
Yes. The tension/stiffness relationship with copolys is pretty linear. So the strings and stringbed are stiffer at higher tensions and become less stiff if you string them at lower tension and as tension drops after stringing.
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