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Originally Posted by superfittennis View Post
Taylor Townsend is an awesome player and no one is going to dispute that. Based on her lack of fitness, I simply do not think that winning the 18's Supernationals and getting that US Open main draw wildcard was a sure thing. That tournament was stacked with some players who could have upset her including Crawford (just win US Open Juniors) and Victoria Duval who beat her 6-1 6-2 on July 31st in a pro tournament. 18's Super Hard Court Nationals was the following week!

Her timing is not off? She won the US Open Junior doubles, didn't she?

Taylor basically had from July 8-September 9 to improve her fitness. I think that everyone is confusing fitness with fatness when that is not necessarily the case. The fact of the matter is that her movement is quite poor and must improve before she can win matches at the high levels of the pro tour.

If she could move, then they would just take her out of juniors and give her a complete pro schedule. Again......It is someone's fault, but I do not know who. Her's or the USTA's???

Please comment if you have actually seen her move..................
I only saw her movement from a video clip before so I cannot comment on her movement and fitness level around the US open. My initial speculation (that I posted in this thread) was like what you said....USTA perhaps wanted her to be fit for the pro level.
I don't know if her loss to Victoria Duval hurt the USTAPD's (and Taylor's) confidence in her game and fitness level or they just benched her for another reason.

What I (and probably many of us) have observed in juniors and adult players.....good tennis players with limited footwork and fitness often do well in doubles than singles. Not saying it applied to Taylor but her recent results seemed to show that trend.
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