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Originally Posted by blastforehand View Post
Does stringing a softer poly tighter (like Big Hitter Blue Rough) give more or less similar performance to a stiffer string like Luxilon Adrenaline at a lower tension?
Depends on what you mean by 'performance' because that's a pretty subjective term that means different things to different people. All strings will 'perform' differently.

If you're asking whether BHBR when strung higher, plays and feels like another naturally stiff/hard poly I would say no. When you go high with BHBR, the stringbed will increase in stiffness, but the string is still springy provided you hit the ball hard enough and you haven't already pulled all the elasticity out of it. Go higher still and you start going beyond the tension at which the string is naturally at its best. I found that going to very high or even absurdly tensions with BHBR just degrades performance with the ball rolling off the stringbed or not feeling like its 'embedding' in the stringbed properly. Fine for flat shots but not anything spin based. There's simply a tension point beyond which strings do not perform at their best (this will vary from string to string). If you want more control from BHBR, you'd be better off going for a thicker gauge rather than looking to increase tensions.

Whereas with an naturally stiff/hard poly it will usually still perform well at lower tensions (though I don't consider Adrenaline to be a particularly stiff/hard poly).

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