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Originally Posted by F. Perry View Post
Nice of you to offer this info! I for one am curious what the most common misinformation about NTRP is that you encounter. You mention a couple things in your post, but since you say there is a lot, I'd be curious what it is--both on this board and elsewhere in general.
Again, I just browsed quickly so don't have exact specifics on this board but I did see someone mention that nothing except for USTA leagues (Adult, Senior, Super Senior) counts towards your rating, ie. no tournaments or local leagues. Any sactioned tournament definitely does go towards your rating and unless the local district has specifically opted out NTRP for a league, then they will count as well. USTA leagues are weighted slightly heavier however.

Also the points mentioned in the second post are the huge ones... win/loss record, position played, benchmarks being the top of level. You could be the lowest rated 3.5 possible, a 3.01, and have a benchmark.
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