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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Agree with Big. Colin Cowherd and others on radio have noted that top recruits actually mention Oregon's gear/Nike connection as a big draw.

Bama is a traditional power and likely has a little under the table action going. Why else would anyone want to move to Tuscaloosa?
What is it with your hangup on 'under the table' action? Face it, 9/10 CFB programs have a little 'under the table' action happening. Look at the top 10 right now and tell me which program you think is completely clean? Maybe Stanford, but that's it.

You can use the 'why would anyone wanna move to X" argument for pretty much any place. Hell I know Blacksburg isn't that fun a place either. Not that I think Tech cheats, bc I don't. Nor do I think Bama is clean BTW.
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