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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
What is it with your hangup on 'under the table' action? Face it, 9/10 CFB programs have a little 'under the table' action happening. Look at the top 10 right now and tell me which program you think is completely clean? Maybe Stanford, but that's it.

You can use the 'why would anyone wanna move to X" argument for pretty much any place. Hell I know Blacksburg isn't that fun a place either. Not that I think Tech cheats, bc I don't. Nor do I think Bama is clean BTW.
My 'hangup' is because it's illegal. Just because everyone does it, doesn't make it right, a la Tour de France or steroids in baseball, etc. I'm talking pay to play and academic fraud. I'm not worried about the piddly stuff like a poor kid getting a plane ride home if a relative dies or going to Denny's for dinner with the D line coach. Stanford seems pretty clean. I'd probably add K-State and TCU to the list. With the exception of Oregon, the remainder are old school 'good 'ole boy' football programs.
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