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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
On a legit front, what I love about FSU's recruiting is how Jimbo built it. All our coaches are stud recruiters. Established pipelines with High schools and guys who know the regions. stuff like that makes a giant difference. These kids play forJimbo because he understands them as people and not just players.

Are we paying them? I honestly do not know, but since we are a saban inspired team, I would have to imagine its a possibility. Id like to think not, as I hold Jimbo in very high regard.
Jimbo isn't paying them. That's the beauty. If there's a hard core fanbase of alums and football is religion, there's a very good chance. The SEC is the dirtiest all around, no doubt about it. With the exception of Vandy, EVERY SEC school has had at least one period of probabation since the 1980's, even lowly Kentucky, Ole Miss and Miss St. Bama has been on probation 3 times in the last 25 years. The Texas schools also don't fare so well.

As for Jimbo, time will tell. I was a teaching/grad assistant at UK when Tubby Smith was there and he was legit. UK also had some lean years after Tubby went through Pitino's recruits and got canned. I've told this story before here on TW but Tubby (not an assistant) personally checked up on his players. He's a good man and cared for his players. I was an adjunct professor at a formerly IAA school in South Carolina while interning in Charleston. Let me tell you, I felt pressure from coaches there like I haven't known since, even at larger unis.
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