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At times I make it a yelling match (not a normal grunt, more like a dying pig), mostly because its hilarious when I out yell them. Its more of a thing to keep them from grunting when they hit a pusher forehand. Another thing is, once a parent was like "Don't let him get in your head, etc..." and the umpire gave them a warning for coaching, not intended, but thats a positive side effect.

In the rare event that it doesn't work, I go full on MEGA serve, hit an angle to get them to come in, and crush it right at them (it may not be nice, but thats how you learn your lesson). It didn't work once, so I did it and yelled "Everyday I'm crushin' it!" and proceeded to shuffle all the way to the baseline.... I almost fell over laughing.

Yep, I know that I'm going to take some heat for this.... But do you think I care?

FYI: this is a bit exaggerated
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