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Hit with the open and closed pattern blades side by side today. I'd put lead from say 8.30 to 10.30 on the open pattern racquets and put silicone in the handles and they went from quite a spinny ball without much on them without lead and silicone to feeling a lot like the h22 funnily enough! Extremely powerful, too much so for me.

The closed pattern with a bit of lead under the bumper and silicone in the handle was much more controllable. That familiar tight pattern control that makes you feel able to take the ball early and slap it flat.. Still plenty of spin on kickers, using Rod Groom's Flex Infinity string definitely helps in that regard. My conclusion is that the flexy throat and stiff head with a stiffer string strung loose is the best way to get spin out a racquet. A more elastic string feels nicer and gives you more pop but hits a flatter ball with less control unless you string tighter, it which case they drop off rapidly and lose some of the lovely elastic feel. I think alu power is a case in point.

I'm not giving up on the open patterns, have copied the lead setup from the tight pattern one and will give them a whirl today against some futures guys, that will be a better test.

Might get to hit those actual Agassi sticks today I mentioned in another thread, that should be fun!

Will report back.

In other news, it seems that I'm not the only one a bit unsure about these H22's. From what I'd read, it seems like the dream pro stock, but it seems they come in all sorts of different flexes and I guess it comes down to personal preference but they can go from being really quite stiff and elbow testing to pt57a like noodle? Anyone else have any experience on this?

Really interested in the 'noodle' H22 and comparing it to the h19, a mate of mine who plays on tour needs some help here to choose a stick and ordering things that might not be right takes up precious time. Would appreciate some help if anyone has any experience here? Email me at jh at if that is preferable, don't really want to say much more about it on here.
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