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I love threads like this, very informative for a tennis parent. now here's one.

My son is playing a kid who has played local and regional tournies for a couple of years. that kid has a younger brother who also plays on a regional basis. The family has been around the sport long enough and at a high enough level to know the rules. At the start of the match the kid makes a few baseline calls, plays one or two other baseline balls, but is looking up at his dad after each one, who is sitting a chair or two over from me. I observe the dad on two occasions shake his head "no" and motion out (point up) at his kid. this is early in a very tight first set. IMO, and I realize I am being completely subjective here, the kid tightened up baseline calls considerably. The whole thing smacks of dad coaching son on calls from the sideline. I considered saying something directly to the dad, but wife and friend were sitting with him and I didn't have the balls. I considered saying something to the ref but didn't. I did let a "come on" go on what I thought was an agressive call, at which dad and entourage gave me teh evil eye, so I moved to another part of the deck so they wouldn't hear me.

my son lost 5-7 1-6 so I'm not so sure the calls meant anything in the long run anyway....Any thoughts? thx
While your son is suppose to go get a ref, in that situation where you believe that a dad is coaching his son, you can go to the TD and tell him what is going on. Better to put it on the record, and let the TD handle it.
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