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Originally Posted by WhiteStripes View Post
Odd, since I find the PST+ GT to be among the more arm-friendly racquets I've ever hit with, and I've played with a ton of sticks. According to TW University numbers, it has among the lowest racquet vibration frequency #s for racquets available on the market. That said, as nice as the stick plays, I can see how the extended length / really high swingweight may cause issues if the player frequently catches the ball late as it's not the easiest racquet to quickly get around.
My Pure Storm Tour GT racquets helped me overcome golfers elbow. I think the fact that stiffness is not high and the woofer grommet system probably also softens the hit.
2 Yonex VCore 97 Tour 310, TW leather grips, 6 inches, 1/4 in. lead, 3 and 9 o'clock, RPM Blast 16 26/25 kgs., Yonex dampeners, Wilson Pro overgrips.
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