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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post

That is so strange that they dont timestamp since imessage does. Do they want us to use imessage? Lol..its odd.
It's very odd, i've been waiting for years for them to put it in! Every blog I seem read about a new iOS before it gets released, people are always saying this is the one that will have it implemented, only for it not to be. On the Apple forums there are countless threads of people asking for it.

By nature i'm all over the place and am always running late, if you're arranging something last minute over text, you have to guess when someone says they will meet you in 10 minutes for instance. I've used it for work too and it's even more of a problem, especially when the business keeps a record of messages about different clients. I work in law and sometimes records of conversations are used, as you can imagine, a message seen with no way of finding out the date or time for it is useless.
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