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Default Barricades vs Vapors

Some people are known as string breakers; I think of myself as a shoe breaker. I've been using vapors the past few years. I wear out the soles, I get holes in the sides, I rip the laces..basically my shoes go through hell when I play. I slide on hard courts, I dive when a ball is just out of reach, etc. Basically, my play style is not kind to shoes. From what I gather vapors are known for poor durability, and barricades are known as the most durable. So despite me preferring Nike, I'm considering getting a pair of Barricades or two to wear instead of vapors.

What I want to know is, will it really make that big of a difference? Are they that much more durable that I won't have to keep buying new pairs? If I'm going to have to buy multitudes of shoes, I'd rather stick with the ones that I'm used to and are comfortable. But if it's gonna save me a few hundred bucks, I would definitely make the switch to barricades.

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