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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Have you noticed any performance issues, or haven't you had it long enough to assess?

I think it probably happens with all smartphones over time. The iPhone 4's in the family are quite laggy these days. Even so, i've heard of Android phones not being as responsive over time.
So far had it for 8 weeks or so and seems not laggy but i'm not a heavy user either. I did watch some of the Olympics and the US Open on it. I also used it for Sirius radio, other radio stations, and Pandora which did lag a bit but I heard it is a Pandora problem. I used the Carfax app to read the serial number of a car I wanted to buy and give me its history instantly. Bought the car. I also transferred files back and forth from my PC to the phone wirelessy using WIFI. i understand that you can also access naughty internet sites with it also.

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