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Sounds like you are more concerning about the durability.
in my case, vapor 6 to vapor 9 only last 6-8 weeks or about 70-80 hrs.
Barricade last about 10-12 weeks (120hrs) and Courtballistec last 11-12 weeks (120-140 hrs). Definitely you will feel that weight and height differences between vapor and barricade.
Also fit is most important thing when you choose the shoes.
I am very fortunate that I've never had problems with any brand of shoes regarding on fit of shoes but someone might be very sensitive towards specific model. If you concern about durability you should consider Courtballistec too.
Also I am looking forward to seeing new air max cage. Seems like it might be lighter than Courtballistec and heavier than vapor. Possibly the shoes might come with the warranty too. Honestly Nike voucher system is better than Adidas.
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