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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^ exceptionally comfortable racquet, has a cushioned feel that's as soft as anything I've hit with lately. No dampener needed with this one, didn't even try it that way. Super solid, nice plow, I was more confident at net with this thing than any racquet I've volleyed with recently, extremely stable, allowed me to take volleys from all sorts of odd angles (playing doubles) and redirect them accurately. From the ground, extremely stable, lots of power (less than a PDR, more than most frames in this class), plenty of spin -- I was regularly surprised to see balls dropping in when I expected them to sail. Typical for PK, the finish is exceptional on the racquet. I'm not switching to it as the 315 is a bit heavier than I feel I can handle for long matches.
Interesting note above about the softness, considering the high stiffness rating on this bat. Just curious: cushier, softer than ... which frames exactly? Have you hit with any PK frames (or others) that this might be comparable to, feel wise?

I like how PK keeps coming out with 16/20 patterns, which to me seems like the ideal compromise between open/closed.
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