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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
So build quality and spec reliability is excellent with pro kennex?
Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Build quality seems fine and the two racquets that I have play identically. The only problem I have is that the two frames weigh in at 308 and 310g before stringing and overgrip. Seems like PK have a tolerance of +/- 7g. I prefer heavier racquets so I kinda' wish they erred on the heavier side rather than the lighter side...

I'll live with it, but I would rather prefer stricter tolerances for if and when I decide to get a third frame. If a third one weighs in at 320g bare frame I would probably be annoyed.
I wish I would have weighed my racquets with a good scale when I first got them. Now that I modified them, it's too late, but based on my mods my best guess is that both of my Ki 5x racquets would come in at about 338-340 grams stock strung weight. I don't have a problem with variance between my 2 frames. They both seem heavier than spec, but at least that's consistent. Subjectively, the Ki 5x does feel heavier than the Ki 5. I suspect the difference in weight is just due to the extra length of the handle.
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