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Default It is good that our voices are being heard and considered

Originally Posted by HIGH-TECH TENNIS in related thread USTA needs more NAt'l Tournaments not less...
to 10S4US---I didn't create the petition, I don't know who did, the customer who asked us to forward it did so because they want to notify other parents ... please understand that we have been and continue to be strongly opposed to the changes. However, there appears to be NOTHING that anyone can do to prevent them from taking effect. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

10s4US replies
The petition serves as a documented mandate, as a voice to amend 2014changes that the USTA can not deny. It is a mandate from the USTA membership and affiliates served and serving to give access and input to the decision making process and structure to the USTA membership and affiliates served and serving where the USTA system needs be more receptive,open and transparent.
....This forum provides an illuminating communication source to inform and network
As far as a DONE Deal 2011 is DONE, 2012 is on its way yet serves to
provide evidence/case studies of the changes negative effects of reduced natl opportunities and participation despite the desire for more by players,parents,coaches,directors
There IS still hope and time to amend changes to 2014 and open up access to participate in input and decision making process by membership served
by MEDIA blitz, high profile celebrity support the current
by Understanding ,working within, and modifying the USTA system
(2 meetings a year, special meetings can be called)
to be continued...

It is encouraging that the USTA executives are listening and holding discussions with major experienced John Q coaches,parents,players,directors, industry leaders such as Bellamy(coach,parent, facility director, Tennis Channel Founder),Sasseville(tournament director), and Kempkin (industry)

Hopefully basic economic principles of supply and demand, economies of scale, and social/political principles of freedoms of choice and self determination which have been negatively impacted can be highlighted and drive the dsicussions towards some pause and adjustments to changes.

It will be interesting to see what can and or will be done by this USTA group.
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