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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
yeeesh. 2-6 again! Loads of UE from the forehand. The prep on the backhand is much better, need to really work on the forehand preparation. Sometimes I don't think I even get turned!

Watching the video, I think I was the one on the losing end of 'Smart Targets'

Had both racquets restrung after this, I think 2 month old Tour Bite is most likely dead. Anyway, i need a fresh start mentally too
I thought you looked a little better in this vid. Not as many off balance forehands. Still hitting forehands on the run when you could be set up better before the swing. I also think that you pull the trigger too soon on many points - coming to net from too far back. You need to be more patient (have more shot tolerance), and work the point longer to draw a short ball to attack. That way, you are either going for winners in the open court (if you get a high sitter), or you can make a more effective approach shot from closer in (for lower balls you have to take below the net).

FYI, it's 6-2, not 2-6. The winner's score always goes first.

As for string, I have found that Luxilon Adrenaline has great shelf life. It's slightly softer than Lux ALU Power, not quite as much spin. But, the feel is much more comfortable and, again, lasts longer before going dead.

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