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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
I thought you looked a little better in this vid. Not as many off balance forehands. Still hitting forehands on the run when you could be set up better before the swing. I also think that you pull the trigger too soon on many points - coming to net from too far back. You need to be more patient (have more shot tolerance), and work the point longer to draw a short ball to attack. That way, you are either going for winners in the open court (if you get a high sitter), or you can make a more effective approach shot from closer in (for lower balls you have to take below the net).
The above is correct, but the alternative if you want to be aggressive is to be aggressive earlier and force the issue. Right now, you are not aggressive on your shots from the baseline, but then attack from a weak position. If you committed to being aggressive, you must hit more forcing groundstrokes to elicit the weak reply and then attack. These are not shots to win the point, but shots to get your opponent in a more defensive position - and then to attack and win the point. If you are coming back to tennis, I have a feeling that you used to have more aggressive groundies to set up your attack and are attacking at the time you used to do it, but not from the position you used to do it.
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