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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
I've had a whirl with the sat nav now. The largest issue here is the search functionality, and the way we've got used to functioning under Google; you chuck in the name of a place or a business, and it finds it. Apple's tries to do the same, but has two issues. First, it simply doesn't have the same number of addresses in the database, so a lot of things get missed. Second, it has a habit of thinking it's got the right match when it hasn't. You don't get a list of matches to select the correct one - it seems to either be a yes or no affair. In instances where there are multiple matches (as an example, if you make a generic search such as 'Starbucks'), it will put down pins for the 4 closest matches to your current location. I found myself reverting to either postcode lookup, or finding the location on the map and dropping a pin there myself.

Once it's going, it seems ok. When planning a longer journey (about 35 miles), it gave me three routes on an overview so I could pick the most suitable. I'm not sure if it adjusts for traffic or not: there are some red lines on the map when traffic builds up, but I didn't at any point get warned audibly. Perhaps it already caters for this on the route, so doesn't see the point.

Battery gets absolutely eaten when it's running. A 15 minute journey took it down 10%. Again, not a huge problem as you'd usually be charging in the car, but worth considering if you don't store a cable there and may find yourself wanting to use the sat nav on the fly. This is on the 4S; hopefully it's handled better on the 5.
Maps definitely seem to be an issue on iOS6. Seems like Google will release this app soon enough (Google apparently has an app waiting on Apple's approval), so that should help, but it feels like a misstep from Apple here.

To the bolded, 10% in 15 minutes isn't bad. I've gone 15-20 minutes of turn by turn on my current phone and lost 25-30% of the battery. It seems to cripple any device as a data hog. Getting in dash nav in my car was the best decision ever.
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