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Server I have a brand new Droid and I am still in the same spot. It starts off great than after a few months just becomes a mess for reasons I described prior.

I'd probably just accept and deal with it. I mean I rooted it, and did all kinds of tweaks so I could just kep searching for that magic ROM to use. But when you combine the OS lagging out, battery getting crushed due to excessive force closing, and then add in the sprint service, it just hits a point where it is time to move on. I could not justify paying my smartphone fee to them (I have to pay for a signal booster as well for my home) when I pay the exact same price for Verizon (no booster needed) and have a phone that I believe I will like better due to my experience with iOS.

Think I will probably always defer to google maps..they arejust really good at it, but the apple maps on my ipad is not bad. I have not messed with it too much.
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