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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
What sucks the worst is when my current EVO freezes up and runs slow because of the multitasking issue it has, they aren't even sure if Jellybean will fix it. And then the next question is when does Jellybean come out? And no one knows.

HTC basically programs the phone to aggressively kill apps to save battery. Problem is that they close and reopen over and over so fast that it actually lags the phone. iOS is great because you can just close the apps out in the tray and they are done. So much easier.
Yeah I've had all these issues as well, and the fragmentation/JB issue is a big one. HTC One X and GSIII will likely get updates, but everything else? It's doubtful. At some point, the fragmentation will catch up with the superphones as well, only the Nexus devices will get every update, but those are underwhelming phones imo (Galaxy Nexus currently has the worst camera of any top end phone).
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