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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
did anyone know the reason for the unique smoothness of the iphone motion while sweeping, sliding zooming etc.,is that the IOS uses 60fps, while Android uses 30fps !
i always tried to argue with people that Android just doesn't have that smooth motion in my eyes.
now i know i was right
You are right. They are trying to fix that in jellybean, but every app will have to be updated. And without a doubt it makes a big difference.

Relevant link for any naysayers:

The reason the call of duty series took off so fast for xbox was because it was 60FPS (besides being a highly addictive shooter). Everyone was blown away by how smooth it was.

I would read game developers try and say it didnt make a huge difference, but you could always tell.

Agree the Nexus is underwhelming. It was one of the phones I could have gotten, but it just didnt really do much for me when I checked it out.
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