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Originally Posted by fightfan View Post
I thought this could be a thread where we can discuss lesser known tennis rules. I can start this by describing something that just happened to me, and I did not know what the official rule is.

I served the ball and fell on the court, ultimately rolling over. Fortunately my opponent hit a winner on the return so there wasn't much confusion. However, what is the official USTA rule on an incident like that?

1. Can my opponent call a hindrance and win the point immediately?
No , you falling down or dropping your racket is not a hindrance
2. Can my opponent call a let immediately?
Again no, there is no cause for a let here
3. What happens if he is distracted and hits an error? What if he hits a sitter that I subsequently put away?
Once again falling down or dropping your racket is not cause for hindrance or a let so however the point plays out is how it is.
4. Can I call a let or fault? I think if a ball flies out of your pocket or a hat falls off your head you can call a let the first time and lose the point outright the 2nd time.
I'm confused here , can you call a let for the scenario you described to begin with where you fall down?? no you cant. If its your first serve you can not call a fault on yourself, only on your second serve can you call your own serve out.

I believe you are correct on the last item, your hat falling off or ball falling out of your pocket is a let 1st time and point after that.

5. Something else?

Also, there is probably some type of official USTA rule, but has anyone seen this happen before in a competitive environment? If so, did they follow the USTA rules or do something else? I guess my biggest concern in terms of fair play is addressing the distraction a returner has and accidentally hitting an error or sitter that loses him the point. That doesn't seem right, but who knows?!
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