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So you have SD, and MIA Defenses?

The only good thing for the Ravens is that they are at home. The are not a good road team, but are great at home.

I would wager both QBs will probbaly be close when its all said and done. But Brady like usual has the potential to have a monster game. Flaccos only monster games come when Rice nust those littel screen passes into 50 yd touchdowns. I would start Brady every week of the season if Flacco is the only other option. Actually I would start Brady over everyone unless you had A Rodgers. But if you have Brady you dont Rogers.

I guess if I had those three Ds I maybe go with MIA. Unless you still went with BMore that would offset any potential sticker from Brady.

Mathhews probably isnt a bad play. Atlanta has done nothing so far to stop the run. And the Charges looked good running it against the Titans. ATL and Tennesee were about equal in run D last year. So Matthews could have him a good game. My only Concern is they cleared him last week but still sat out. He may not get many carries this week either. If you got other RBS that are doing OK myabe ride them out another week. Im gonna go out on a limb thoug and say he gets about 12-15 carries for 70 Yds and a touch. just my gut. Who are the other RBs you got?

I dont the Jets Offense is that good, and MIA has been OK on D. I would go

And give Matthews a shot
Touched by his Noodly Appendage

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