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I believe this is the plan for Clays already. Could add same for Hards. Also, I think they've heard a lot of feedback to open up the regionals to everyone again - so I wouldn't be surprised if that is one change/concession. (10s4US - If they did that, then would you say those 640 spots count?)
We really need to discuss how proposed 2014 Nat. schedule can be improved to satisfy various participants instead of crying about what was there in 2009. Not all their changes are bad. I like qualification for big events through local play. I do not see anything wrong with running multiple level events at the same time (and at the same locations for older age groups to simplify recruiting). Nothing wrong with the idea that everyone should play at their own level. My daughter who practices 6 hours a week does not necessarily need to play against somebody who practices 6 hours a day. But maybe she should have opportunities to play against somebody like her from another part of the country when school is off.
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