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Played with BLX 6.1 95s for a while. Excellent stick, but couldn't get over how different all three of my frames were. Essentially, I only liked one of the frames, and the other two not so much. Played with old LM radicals this summer - great sticks when customized, a little clunky though. I tried a IG 2.0 Exteme Pro, liked it a lot, but caused me to rely on topspin shots too much. Played once with the new BLXPS 95 last week, very nice frame. However, I'm not looking to move that direction given the poor QC I've experienced in the past with Wilson... plus they are $200/frame.

Slazenger PB seems like a fine stick, a little stiff though. I wouldn't be opposed to moving to the MG Radicals if I cannot find anything else. Don't like the YT radicals much. Never tried Dunlop, they seem to have a good following on these boards though. I'll take a further look at the Slaz PBs, the C10, MG Rad, and maybe a Dunlop. Medium chance I buy these used and then black them out. Not a huge fan of all the crazy paintjobs going around.

Open to other suggestions, as previously stated, I'm close to a 4.5, not quite yet, but close, early 20s and in good shape.
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