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I love your philosophy at

“Injury Prevention Training” must be the #1 priority and is absolutely the most impotant tennis success factor. Keep in mind that one should do injury prevention training aka “Prehabilitation” in order to prevent injuries and at the very least help one recover much quicker from an injury. Yes, strengthening ones bones, tendons, and other connective tissue will keep away those nagging injuries."

Some of my favorite videos/articles are:
Nice Medicine Ball Lunge Form
When To Train
Great Tennis Specific Medicine Ball Exercises
Tennis Specific Movement Drills-Andy Murray
Thank you so much for your kind words. Obviously, not all injuries on the tennis court are preventable, but too many injuries seem to be occurring. I have personally witnessed many players take part in sound prehabilitation programs. Those players tend to have a much lower rate of tennis related injuries and even if they do get injured their recovery process is significantly sped up. If one wants to be healthy and spend more time playing tennis versus rehabilitating their injuries, then they should place focus on strengthening their tendons, bones, etc. Even doing just 3x a week/20 minute sessions of injury prevention training does wonders!

in best regards,
Jeff Drock MS, CSCS
Certified Tennnis Specific Strength and Conditioning Specialist
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