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You need to fix that takeback so that you can get more spin. You don't hit any wide angles and opponent was owning the middle making you run back and forth.

Didn't see any inside out fh's either

You go inside/in a little too much and when you do that you tend to not recover. you stay in the same area where you made contact. U need an i/o.

Your toss needs to be a good 6" minimum more out in front on first serve.

You need to step inside the baseline more. When you hit a good shot you should be expecting a weaker reply and be waiting inside the baseline or at least on the baseline. You seem to only move back and forth parallel to baseline and only step in on a very short ball. You should be more dynamic. Move in, move back, move at an angle, move sideways, move up, move up more, move at an angle etc. The whole purpose of the rally is to get a weak reply. You have to be looking for a weak reply every shot, then hurt them and then be ready to hurt them more. Your opponent is doing this. He's expecting a weak reply and waiting for it you can tell.

You need to change your running fh / wide fh shot a bit. On those shots you have to prepare the racquet higher and focus on hitting off the right leg. Watch any pro on a running fh. Racquet prep is very high. You need to use gravity for pace because you can't do a unit turn on those. You just run through the shot with regular prep. This produces a weak shot and carries you outside the court leaving you out of position and then you need extra steps to recover.

Your strokes look good though. (except running fh)

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