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Thanks guys! The comments are spot on. I kept repeating myself to stop playing like a junior boy and have more patience during the point. There was one unrecorded set a month ago where I got to 5-2 then court time ran out >.<. That day, both groundies were on, I was getting more width instead of depth on them, and controlling the middle. Consequently, I wasnt hitting so many shots on the run. Hmmm perhaps he has adjusted a bit by going for more depth on rally balls and angles on short balls recently...

NLBwell- great insight there. I am playing my old game, the body is not delivering.

Working in the gym to improve the footwork/fitness. Although much better than 3 months ago, I still get too winded after a long point. After holding serve, I like had a streak of 3 UE to give away the next game!

Will see if I can do better today. Fresh string will give me a mental boost

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