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Originally Posted by Orion3 View Post
I've read in numerous places that pro's often play with older racquets and that the paintjobs change to match the current years offering.
Federer, Nadal, Djoker, Murray, Ferrer - all guilty.

The most frequent racquet quoted is the Head PT57 (Pro Tour 630) Thomas Musters old stick. Coupled with the large number of painted pro-stock PT57's that turn up for sale, it seems likely this is the actually the case.

Question - what current pros use it. I've heard that Murray does and speculation that Djoker does to. Who else?
1) You meant to say PT57A, not PT57, since for example PT57E is a totally different beast
2) Search
3) A few pop to my mind like: Simon, Murray (16x19)...
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