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Originally Posted by kylebarendrick View Post
...unless that movement is solely for the purpose of distracting the server.
Actually, the way it is worded does not require that the purpose is to distract. It is rule 26 & the comment on it (26.1) says that the hindering act is deliberate in that "the player did what the player intended to do, even if the result was unintended". I like that it is put that way because it just speaks to the results of an action rather than trying to figure what someone's motive was.

Edit: The Code certainly does make it clear that things done for the sole purpose of distracting an opponent constitute a hindrance. I think the rule as written allows addressing situations where attempts to distract are not obvious. I don't see hindrances called very often but I do see a lot of people getting angry & frustrated at hindrances they do not call.

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