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Originally Posted by Sky_Boy View Post
Tom.. do u do consistent rallies down the middle with a partner? i do suggest that u do that if u d want to improve your strokes.. of cuz u need to know the technical aspects of the individual stokes to practice it... my point being dun do too much match-play do more consistent rallies maybe 1 set at the end of the session would be good
Good point(s) I think. Unfortuately, my two regular hitting partners are away from tennis for a while. I'm in a local league and most of my court time is spent in actual competition. The only recent rallying aimed at hitting consistently to a partner has been during warmups before matches, and sometimes after the match. Other than that my rallying practice has been limited to htting against the wall.

Below is another recent video of wall practice. In this one I'm trying to come over the ball with the backhand on as many shots as I can. After recording this I did another one where my racquet preparation is higher, earlier and more pronounced (on both backhand and forehand), and it resulted in better shotmaking. Unfortunately, the second video was really blurry for some reason that I'm still trying to figure out.
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