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Well, here we are 15 days later and I've lost count of the number of hours on these strings. I practice serves and hit the wall almost every day for about an hour and play formal or informal matches about twice each week. So at least 9 or 10 hours per week and that doesn't include hitting with my sons in the late afternoon. During that time I've used some of my other frames too so this set up probably has about 12 hours on it.

The gut of course shows wear but the most impressive aspect of the 4G crosses is the level of control still present. Even in a relatively open pattern (AG 4D 200 Tour...95", 16 mains) control is perfectly fine. Comfort is good too. Not perfect but acceptable. Top spin is outstanding. I'm posting these comments because the spin and control were so amazing while hitting with my wife tonight.

I've been working on adding some side spin to my forehand and it was really easy tonight. Switching to my 200 Tour with Pro Red Code, which is fresher than the 4G, and the spin was much more difficult to achieve.

In other words, the 4G is aging nicely and consistent with reports from other TT members. Meanwhile the PRC which is only several hours old is less reliable. At least for open patterns I'm definitely sold on 4G. It has aged very nicely.
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