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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
25-42 59.5% 1st serve pts won
30-56 54% 2nd serve pts won

48-71 68% 1st serve pts won
18-29 62% 2nd serve pts won
When serves were successfully returned:

Mecir was 28 of 51 on 1st serve (55%) and 14 of 24 on 2nd (58%).
Lendl was 8 of 25 on 1st serve (32%) and 25 of 44 on 2nd (57%).

So if Mecir could get Lendl's first serve back, he won 2/3 of the time.

You can see a little of the reason why, in the 2nd point of my clip. Even though I'd classify Lendl's BH error as unforced, he did not expect his serve to come back like that, if at all. Mecir was putting pressure on him by blocking the hard serves back so well.

Connors used to do that to Lendl a lot. Djokovic is doing it very well today.
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