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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
42-98 43% 1st serve
25-42 59.5% 1st serve pts won
30-56 54% 2nd serve pts won
This stands out. Very unusual to see Lendl, with his aces and service winners included, below 60% success on 1st serve. Some of that can be attributed to his low ace count.

So in this match his 1st serve success ended up only 5 percentage points ahead of his 2nd serve success.

In their USO final, by contrast, there were 21 percentage points between Lendl's success on 1st and 2nd (81% vs. 60%), much more what you would expect from his 1st serve even against a great returner. He had 10 aces in that match.

In their AO final, Lendl's 1st serve was fine again (78%), though he did poorly on 2nd serve (35%). He had 14 aces.

Out of the 3 matches -- USO, Lipton, AO -- Lendl played the best at the USO. He made 68% of his first serves and won 81% of them: so he sacrificed nothing by getting the first serve in.

And he had healthy success on 2nd serve.

In AO he served at only 52%, and had some difficulty on 2nd serve.

At Key Biscayne he made only 43% of his first serves, and won only 59% of those.

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