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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
I checked out your bio on your pimping my books and crap on your website.Dude really drug free bodybulding please. I worked with trainers over the past 21 years who won "drug free shows all it meant was they took less gear and got off it sooner. So your a Athletic trainer bfd so u know how to tape an ankle. Stick with computer science since u have two masters. What r u using those for TP?

I seen your pic dude stop spray tanning or get out of the sun aka skin cancer. I seen your video on utube very professional fitness trainer wrestling some dude for money same old same old female bodybuilder. Dude myofascial is a waste of time it keeps AT and PT dudes in business just toss out your foam rollers another waste of time. I also love the book on squash like u know anything about squash. I am a A squash player so tell that story to someone who knows poop about squash.
Not sure why you think you know it all about me, but you missed that I have worked with racquetball players for over 5 years, and have played some too. So maybe instead of wasting your time on being bothered about how many master degrees I have (I can do whatever I want with them), think about why you have all your PES and CES while you are completely against everything they teach.

Making an analogy of your fitness trainers and me is like me saying that I have seen many idiots here in Venice Beach, therefore you must be one.
We are what we repeatedly do... Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.
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