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Originally Posted by beepee1972 View Post
Hi Ray, tnx for your response!

I have been running lately to up my condition, so I don't think that will help me more. Also, I'm not out of breath during the tennis, I just feel that I handle my racquet too slow, even when I'm focused on early preparation and my footwork.

I have the orginal grip on my racquet, and an overgrip. So I would think that changing that to a lighter replacement grip, would make it head heavier, and therefore slower?

My current setup varies. I have played with a syngut at 25k, after that changed to the same string at 22K. Right now I'm als experimenting with a poly at 16K, but have only played with that for half an hour, so can't really comment on that.

BTW, I'm using the 2011 version (black/red), not the 2012 version (red/white). The "normal" blx Blade was not on my list, it's too close to my current racquet I guessed....
Removing weight may tip the balance a bit but still it is a reduction in weight and and possibly even very slight reduction in SW - its not going to make the racket swing slower. I've tried a lot of customizations and a reduction in weight even if its in the handle always makes the racket feel lighter and swing faster in my experience.

I think most tweeners can give you what you are looking for, its just finding a frame that has got the right feel, response, right fit. Some may need a small amount of lead to bring it up to personal preferences.
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