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Originally Posted by keithfival View Post
The LM MP is pretty solid/muted feeling, not much feedback, and the ball comes off the racket very slowly. I used it for a couple of years and just hit deep to the corners all day but could hardly ever put a ball away without getting the guy completely off the court first. It is a very generic "pretty decent" at everything but really doesn't give you any help in any department. I can't imagine you preferring anything about it to your Pro Open, except that it isn't as stiff. Way less power, less spin, less stable...

I like the Microgel waaaay better but again, compared to the Pro Open you will have to work much much harder to get the same results. The only thing you will get is a nice soft feel.
Well the reason why I am looking at one of these two rackets is because I don't feel like I can really flatten out my shots with my Pro Open, so I don't want another one and I want something with similar weight and balance as my PO. I've been referred the Radical several times and it is a very popular stick.
I also think I need a control racket that is forgiving and has a decent sweet spot. These rackets just fit the bill.
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