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Originally Posted by leaugeCO View Post
Hello All,

I was browsing through the forum and noticed a TON of misguided/false thoughts, claims, answers, etc about NTRP. I work for the USTA as a district NTRP Coordinator and thought that I would try and help to clear up any questions that players might have. It's crazy how many players call me in my district every year with statements/rumors that they think are fact when it comes to NTRP. I'm new to this spot and don't know if there is anyone else already doing this that works with USTA, but like I said, through a quick first glance I came across a lot of false info. So with that... please feel free to ask any questions that you might have and I'll try my best to check back frequently to provide answers... with what I am allowed to tell you of course Can't provide your rating to the hundreth, kinda want to keep my job.

This is the original post, how anyone can read any ill will into this is beyond me. I hope TWTT hasn't lost a valuable source of knowledgeable information. It seems the discrepancies are due to regional anomalies. I hope LeagueCO returns and understands the vast majority here welcome him/her.
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