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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Thanks Sky_Boy. That low knee bending is difficult ... for me. Anyway, I don't see how anybody can hit over the ball when it's real low.

EDIT: A lot of the problem is due to sheer laziness on my part, I think. I'll make a video with more pronounced racquet preparation (describing a "C" instead of a "U"). Doing the "C" prep also seems to make me move my feet better. Is that possible?
For racquet preparation.. with both feet side by side at the ready position take left feet 1 step back directly behind right feet and there u have your body automatically turn side ways.. u can also take right feet 1 step directly infront of left feet and u get the same thing... swing path is to let racquet drop to low and hit it upwards and u have your top spin BH drive.. dun worry too much on racquet drop as long as u start from low and finish off high.. make sure the grip u use is correct..bevel 1 is the recommended grip or some call it eastern BH grip...

I understand that when contact point is high or very low it's diffcult to execute your BH.. it's easily to use to slice for those shots something i see u use for high balls which is correct...
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